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Back in 2001 when inventor Dean Kamen’s team unveiled a newly created technology that some thought obscure, no one knew that the self-motivated moving machine would resurrect our faith in personal transportation. The invention, or Segway, is a human transporter machine that uses a patented technology called ‘Dynamic Stabilization.’

This technology relies upon balance and natural human movements to propel it forward. With unique sensors and gyroscopes, the Segway monitors a person’s movements and centre of gravity to move them forward or backwards. The first iteration of the Segway didn’t have brakes and travelled up to 12 mph, across most surfaces such as gravel, grass, and pavement.

Of course, the Segway has evolved into a popular transport option that is eco-friendly and appealing to many industries. Much like the Segway uses a human’s natural movements for progress, many companies utilise a variety of activities to attempt to promote teamwork and build a sense of community within the workforce.

Unfortunately, some teambuilding experiences aren’t well received, as the employees become bored or aren’t motivated to participate. At East Coast Xperiences, we have spent years formulating fun team building adventures such as Segway tours in Sydney, for companies who are tired of outdated corporate activities.

Using a Segway Tour Experience to Motivate Employees in Sydney

As a leader in corporate teambuilding activities, we are proud to offer guided Segway adventures in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle areas. Imagine the smiles on your staff’s faces when they see the event planned for them isn’t a stale boardroom presentation, but a stimulating thrill ride or event using a Segway.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, our Segway teambuilding events and tours are guaranteed to be a memorable and fun experience for everyone. Your trusted guide will take you on a tour of the area and allow for a safe and enjoyable experience for every employee.

We also provide a variety of exciting, non-traditional business group events such as dodgeball, clay shooting or Segway Olympics. Our games can be indoors or outside and are geared to be appropriate for your corporate goals. Although we strive for a relaxed atmosphere, we work with you to fully incorporate your business model or message throughout the event.

Enhance your Corporate Event in Sydney with an Indoor Adventure

We pride ourselves to supply top quality, exciting group experiences that encourage communication and team interaction. When you want to surpass the business handbooks and PowerPoint presentations, why not give our fun group tours and activities a try? You’ll be amazed as we gently nudge your employees out of their comfort zones and into a world of fun, frolic, and solidarity.

We have found that employees react well to activities they can relate to, and usually walk away from our event with a new zest for their work and positive attitude towards their co-workers. Whether you want to ride through the breeze on a Segway or traipse about an outdoor football field amongst inflatable goal posts, we have what you need to get your staff’s attention.

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