Five Advantages of Outdoor Team Building Activities in Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley

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Team building is a wonderful way for your group to get to know each other, develop a stronger bond, and return to work refreshed and inspired. However, escaping the conference room isn’t that much fun if you’re simply “escaping” to an even smaller room. Get out of the office and into the fresh air to enjoy some distinct advantages. Outdoor team building in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, or Sydney can:

Reduce stress

Being outside in nature is great for reducing stress. The open sky above, the breeze on your skin, and the warm sunshine all make for a perfect environment to relax and have some fun playing challenging team building games as well as just spending time laughing and getting to know one another.

Restore mental energy

Hours of hard work and long meetings can lead to mental fatigue. Heading outside is a much healthier and more effective solution than the coffee and energy drinks many people turn to every day. Even looking at pictures of nature can give you the rejuvenation you need – imagine how much better the effect is when you’re actually outdoors.

Improve your outlook

When your team’s general mood shifts toward the positive end of the spectrum, you’ll feel it. People who spend time outdoors tend to have fewer negative thoughts, better mental health, and lower levels of stress. Just ask anyone who regularly walks, runs, or bicycles outside how much better it makes them feel.

Enhance creativity and focus

Spending time outdoors is an effective “therapy” with no adverse side effects (assuming you remember your sunscreen!), is available to everyone, and can improve your mental acuity. Engaging in outdoor activities is great for creativity as well, and can leave your team refreshed and much more focused when they return to work.

Improve your health

Fresh air is a much-needed reprieve from being inside all day, and the exercise you’ll likely get during your team building activities is good for your heart, waistline, muscle tone, immune system, and more. When your employees feel better, they’ll perform better – the goal of team building activities in Sydney, Newcastle, or Hunter Valley.

Outdoor Team Building in Sydney with East Coast Xperiences

Make East Coast Xperiences your go-to-choice for outdoor team building in Hunter Valley, Newcastle, or Sydney. We believe that coaxing the best out of your team requires taking them out of their comfort zone and exposing them to new challenges that help them grow together. We provide fun, unique activities in a safe but interactive environment for your team to enjoy. We have a strong team ourselves – a passionate group of facilitators trained to engage and encourage your team members as they experience new and exciting activities filled with plenty of laughter. From Segway tours and giant human foosball to laser clay shooting and bubble soccer, we offer a range of outdoor team building challenges – as well as indoor options for less-than-ideal weather. Contact East Coast Xperiences today to start planning your next team building event.

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