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Almost everyone has played foosball at some point in his or her life. With simple rules, easy set-up and fast-paced action, you’d be loath to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a game from time to time. The same holds true for human foosball. In Sydney, you can find chances to take your workers out for a set of human foosball as a unique and memorable team building experience that they won’t soon forget. However, this isn’t the only reason that human foosball is such a great option.

Team building exercises that include elements of physical activity are the ideal way to remove people from the workplace grind. At the same time, those planning such events need to consider the physical limits of their workers. Team building can fail if not everybody can participate, and fortunately, human foosball is something that is appropriate for those of all ages and most fitness levels.

Games of human foosball are also relatively quick to complete. In just one to three hours, your workers can get together, have a lot of fun, and create great memories that they’ll carry back to the workplace.

If you’re interested in human foosball in Sydney, East Coast Xperiences can organise everything. Human foosball can be a single activity for a quick bit of team building, or it can be a part of a larger multi-event team building day out for your workers. Contact us or view the options on our site to learn more.

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