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In the 21st century, the term ‘team building’ gets a lot of hype and unfortunately, it sometimes gets a bad reputation with employees. Often tired of being shoved into a small room and forced to entertain the idea of bonding with co-workers, today’s employee may tune out at the site of just another traditional team building event. Long gone are the days of tossing a group of employees together and requesting them to collaborate.

Today’s savvy managers know the value of a well-organised and appropriate corporate event to bring their team together to encourage a collaborative effort in a safe yet fun environment. The bonds that may form during a top-quality team building event can surpass personality and background differences, as well as differences between the ranks and job classes of employees.

While it is possible to facilitate team building within the organisation, the internal structure of your company may not allow for such working relationships. In larger companies, the HR department may lead the team building sessions hoping to hold a meeting that includes structured activities that the staff can do as a group. But these internal meetings aren’t always considered fun group activities in Sydney, nor are they well received.

At East Coast Xperiences, we offer a variety of knowledgeable facilitators who work with you to create fun team building activities in Sydney that will foster cohesive relationships and inspire your staff.

Catapult your next Corporate Event with Fun Team Activities in Sydney

Traditional corporate events worked well for the generation of employees they were intended. Today’s generation of employee is more in tune with the technology of the 21st Century and is likely to feel complacent while attending yet another obsolete corporate event. Since the intent to bring your staff together is to get to know one another outside work, why not schedule an activity that they can participate in outside the office?

When you schedule a fun, somewhat competitive event that employees can do together, you’re creating a space that allows for the natural flow of teamwork and the powerful spirit of cooperation. For example, our corporate bubble team soccer game is a fantastic way to bring the group together for the sake of one common goal (or scoring the goal).

Imagine your members of your crew harnessed to a giant plastic ball with their legs exposed to enable to kick the soccer ball. As they move down the field, they must manoeuvre their large plastic sphere-like container and work together to advance the smaller ball towards the goal.

Sydney Businesses are Enjoying Fun Team Building Activities

When you’re looking for an innovative way to engage and inspire your workforce, why not consider a group team building event? We will work with you to create a special event where the employees can learn about one another in a safe and fun atmosphere.

The natural team building that occurs during modest competition helps them to build the skills necessary to work as a solid team while on the job. As an industry leader with years of experience creating structured group activities, we are sure that our fun team building activities will encourage communication, collaboration, and fellowship for your staff.

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