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The 'Wellness' of staff is pivotel to a successful business! 

Forward thinking companies are always on the look out for ways to improve the bottom line, but importantly these companies are also acutely aware in order to achieve this, a motivated and healthy staff is essential.

There are key note speakers for staff motivation, financial advice, inspiration, team work and more, but when it comes to staff health, it's very limited. But luckily for us David Bergwerf has joined our team and is changing the ways staff think about their health at work and at home.

A little about David - David has been fascinated with fitness ever since the age of nine. And now in his 40’s is widely considered one of the best in the business. With over two decades of body building, personal training, nutrition and wellness consultation, David has put himself through a lot of diets and combined exercise programs, and has discovered what really works, and just as importantly what doesn’t.

From international company executives, to small businesses owners, David has strived with the key objective, to develop better personal health practices within the work force.

Workshop Objectives

This 1 hour workshop could just be the thing to kick start a better understanding of a health with your team. Available during conferences, staff incentives or simply incorporateing the workshop into a morning staff meeting. David is based in NSW but available to travel all over Australia.

As us how we can tailor a David Bergwerf Wellness workshop for you!

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