Memorable Corporate Team Building Events in Sydney, Newcastle, and Hunter Valley

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For centuries, humans have been curious about what impacts an employee’s behaviour and the possibility of encouraging people to work harder and increase their productivity. Frederick Taylor was a mechanical engineer and an early industrial behaviour pioneer who focused on improving workplace processes. He held the hypothesis that individuals perform differently when interacting with a group and while being observed and his broad ideas began a trend of scientists and trailblazers investigating motivation and performance.

Frederick’s postulates about the workplace and performance morphed into a movement during the industrial revolution. During that time, a series of now infamous experiments entitled ‘The Hawthorne Effect’, aptly named after the suburb of Chicago in which the studies took place, made its mark in industrial history.

The Hawthorne effect was a series of experiments that changed the way we work, manage, and look at employees. It’s said that these experiments made industrial history concluding that an employee’s performance is influenced not only by their abilities but also by their co-workers and their surroundings.

At East Coast Xperiences, we offer a host of team building events in Sydney to inspire and ignite the joy that innately exists in all of us. Although most people don’t equate being at work as something that is fun, we know that when you inspire your employees to experience amusement with their peers outside the workplace, you can establish unique bonds that will motivate them in the workplace.

Progressive Corporate Team Building Events in Newcastle, Sydney, and Hunter Valley

We have learned that there is no greater satisfaction than witnessing your hardworking staff members enjoying themselves outside the workplace while they participate in interesting group activities. Since 2011, we have been providing the businesses of Hunter Valley, Newcastle, and Sydney with corporate teambuilding opportunities to enliven staff and foster healthy workplace relationships.

Our goal remains to transcend companies past the “been there, done that” type of attitude about corporate activities. We intend to stimulate your staff with real-world adventures such as two Segway tours in Newcastle and Hunter Valley. Also, we are proud to bring a renewed approach to traditional team building events in Hunter Valley. Our activities are suitable for all ages and most fitness levels and provide your staff with an opportunity to interact with an enjoyable, high energy environment.

Motivate the Masses with Distinctive Corporate Activities

As a fully mobile unit, we can travel throughout NSW and the ACT, allowing any company to engage their staff with thrilling corporate team building events in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Some of the activities we offer include laser clay shooting, bubble soccer games, trivia night and guided Segway tours.

We also provide celebrity and motivational speakers and an array of adventurous activities that are guaranteed to leave your staff with fantastic memories and a newfound outlook on work. Why not give us a call on 04 4886 6048 to discuss how we can make your next corporate event unforgettable.

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