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The idea that there is a real correlation between sedentary desk jobs and poor health isn’t a new one. Studies have shown that our grandparents’ generation was likely to be in better health than ours and not because they hung out in the gym. The earlier generation of humans wasn’t chained to their desks spending 8 or more hours a day seated indoors and in front of technology.

Our ancestors were naturally active all day, going about their daily chores on the farm or outdoors doing whatever needed to get done such as walking to the one market on the outskirts of the town, gardening, tending to animals, or perhaps hauling water from the river miles away.

From an evolutionary standpoint, humans were meant to move around during our waking hours. The notion of a sedentary lifestyle became more commonplace with the industrial revolution and the advent of the television. Nowadays, humans spend way too much time being inactive, and desk jobs may be a genuine threat to our health.

One way around the notion of an unhealthy, sluggish workplace is to encourage employees to come out from behind their desks, perhaps taking short breaks throughout the day or standing to work. Another fantastic way to boost employee mental health and physical wellness is through corporate team building activities in Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, and the greater NSW.

High-Energy Corporate Team Building Activities in Newcastle, Sydney, Newcastle, NSW, and Hunter Valley

Have you ever noticed how some folks just exude a higher energy while others tend to amble through their day maintaining a somewhat static mood? Our team of knowledgeable professionals has spent years working within the corporate setting and experienced all types of personalities and energy levels. That’s why we’ve geared our corporate team building activities in Hunter Valley towards most fitness levels, age, or athletic experience.

At East Coast Xperiences, we offer a host of outdoor events to include corporate dodgeball, a giant slingshot, laser clay shooting range, bubble soccer, tug-of-war, and volleyball, just to name a few. Our events move away from the dull, traditional team building events. They are lively, active and a bit competitive. The spirited nature of our activities provides employees with an avenue to practice building the skills required to function as a team.

Experience Inventive Corporate Team Building Activities in NSW

We also provide some entertaining indoor activities that can be beneficial for a company without the time or resources for an outdoor corporate experience. They can also be scheduled as an intermission or break from a conference or boardroom setting. Our indoor event list includes trivia themed evening, indoor clay shooting, indoor Segway races and motivational or celebrity speakers.

When you’re ready to move beyond the traditional team building events and aspire to engage your employees entirely, let us help. Since 2011 we have been working with companies to create one-of-a-kind team building events throughout the greater NSW.

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