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Each year you plan a team-building event for your staff. What is supposed to be part play, part staff enrichment, usually turns into a typical staff meeting at a different venue with minimal and begrudged participation. Inevitably, a few people call out sick to avoid awkward group interactions and the latest rendition of the same pointless games. This year you want it to be different, you’re looking for high-energy engaging alternatives to your usual team-building formula.

At a recent networking event, East Coast Xperiences was all the buzz. An affiliate company took their team on a Segway challenge and months later; everyone was still talking about it. East Coast Xperiences shatters assumptions and reservations often associated with corporate team-building. We facilitate fun, engaging group activities that promote teamwork and problem-solving. Our Seglympics, a series of team challenges that take place on a Segway, has caught the attention of forward-thinking managers looking for a refreshing take on team-building activities.

Have an Exhilarating Time with Corporate Segway Team-Building Events

Unlike traditional team-building events that take a desired skill, say teamwork, and design monotonous activities that require teams work together to solve irrelevant problems, we work with your company to establish team-building objectives. Next, we design activates that implement these goals in ways that are individually fun and fulfilling. We wholeheartedly believe that when the individual is having fun, the group has fun. When the group is having fun, connections are being made that will help them work together more efficiently in the office.

We’ve found that utilising the Segway for team-building is well received because the Segway is fun to ride and easy to navigate. Corporate Segway Events such as the Segway team challenge and the Seglympics provides your team with the opportunity to work together as well as in friendly competition against each other. Racing to move objects through fixed courses located in Newcastle and Hunter Valley, the banter and laughs abound, endorphins rise, and lasting memories – including the challenge’s objective -- are made. Segway Events can be geared toward your company’s team-building objectives and are suitable for all ages and most fitness levels.

Experience the Difference with East Coast Xperiences

Since 2011, we have established ourselves as the next generation in team-building solutions. More than breaking up the monotony of the office, adventurous team-building experiences leave lasting impressions on your team. A small change of scenery can revitalise the working mind and enhance the senses in a way that gets them thinking outside the confines of the office. It may also open their minds to new possibilities and approaches to office challenges not previously considered. Booking a fun Segway team challenge for your next event will make them more likely to attend, more likely to participate, and more likely to have a good time. You can also communicate better with staff who are having a good time. Make your team-building sessions the highlight of your corporate calendar with East Coast Xperiences.

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