Hit a Bulls-Eye with Archery Team Building in Sydney

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Since the days of Robin Hood, archery has been one of mankind’s favourite sports. It takes a lot of skill to hit a bull’s eye, and maybe just a smidgen of luck. However, old as the sport may be it continues to attract new generations who want to try their hand at making the perfect shot. That is just one of many reasons archery team building in Sydney may be the ideal choice for your corporate event.

Archery is simple to pick up and a lot of fun, whether you have experience with the sport or not. It’s also something that anyone can participate in and enjoy regardless of your current fitness level. That makes it an excellent option for large and diverse groups, as it can be a challenge to truly build team spirit when people get left out of the fun. It also makes for healthy teamwork and competition, as groups get together to cheer each other on and see who can make it closest to the mark.

Another reason to choose archery team building in Sydney is that you can combine it with so many other activities in so many ways. Archery and laser clay shooting go well together, as both sports require good aim and a fair amount of concentration.

Other alternatives include pairing archery with events such as knife throwing and giant catapult firing activities, as we do at East Coast Xperiences in our Modern Medieval package. Want to give it a try? We can help organise the entire thing, whether alone or in a multiple activity event for a full day of fun.

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