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The East Coast Xperiences Philosophy

We are the next generation of team builders. We reject the notion that team-building is dry, mundane, and pointless and counter the assumption with high-energy, fun-filled, memory-making activities that incorporate your team-building objectives and stimulate your whole teams focus. We focus on designing and facilitating revitalising activity plans that let your team have fun while also stimulating their brains with ideas on how they can work together more efficiently. 

Sometimes, merely changing the scenery is enough to affect change. Office environments are revitalised by the opportunity to get outside for a while, while outdoor work teams may appreciate an equally invigorating experience indoors. We will re-invent your team-building past by adding a bit of competition between groups that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills while using latest team building equipment. Our experiences are designed to include all ages and most abilities with no prior experience necessary.

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Our History

Having worked within the team building and events industry for a number of years, an opportunity presented itself to offer the NSW team building industry a creative list of activities that are non-traditional, different and importantly haven't been done to death. So in 2010 East Coast Corporate & Group Xperiences was born with the promise and mission to supply high end adventurous group activities that catered to the individual on a team level.  

What soon followed was a fleet of authentic off road Segway PT's, a giant custom Human Foosball table, the latest generation laser clay shooting equipment and a bucket full of enthusiasm. From there we spent the next couple of months visiting all the major venues and talking to many industry leaders while introducing this new style of team building. Admittedly it was a slow process as it was so new and non-traditional, but with persistence, a great team and a fantastic product, we have since worked with hundreds of companies and have facilitated our events at all the reputable conferencing venues, Council parks, reserves and golf courses around NSW.

From there we have expanded our activity offerings to include Bubble Soccer, Archery, Slack Lining, indoor Segway Seglympics, indoor laser clay shooting, Trivia Nights and now have over 30 Segways. We also offer 3 fixed guided Segway tour locations in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Port Stephens through our sister company NSW Segway.

Our mission, aim and focus isn't to offer 101 different activities and be everything to everyone. Our drive and motivation is to offer a select list of fun and light hearted competitive events in a positive environment using the latest equipment available.  team building Sydney, team building events, fun team building, different team building, team building, team building, team building, team building

We have found over the years in order to get the best out of your team, you sometimes need to take them out of their comfort zone a little - get them to experience something different together in a safe but interactive environment. Here at East Coast Corporate and Group Xperiences we will surpass your expectations every time. We have the tools and a passionate team of facilitators to engage and encourage your team to experience new and exciting activities, with as much laughter and banter that can be packed into an event - from start to finish.

With this I would like to thank the great team I work with every day, the venues, PCO's, councils and importantly the clients over the years. We look forward to further great times and experiences for many years to come!

Below is a photo taken back in 2010. The colour of our T-Shirts have changed but not the drive to deliver high end experiences to our clients!

Adam Williams

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